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The Most Amazing Racing Adventure: The Great Midwest Relay August 22, 2007

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JUNE 8-9: GREAT MIDWEST RELAY:  Our team – The 12 Angry Men and Women ran 190 miles from Madison, WI to Chicago IL in an amazing time of 22 hours and 20 minutes.  With 8 men and 4 women, 2 vans, multiple coolers of water, food, and plenty of gu, we made quite a team of dedicated and fast athletes.  We finished 9th out of 115 teams with a 6:59 pace for 190 miles.  I ran at an average pace under 7:30 and completed 3 segments of about 6 miles each.  Thanks to an incredibly supportive friend, I pushed through my fears and made it through my 3am run in the middle of who knows where.  Here are some additional photos from the race.

img_0446.jpg   img_0451.jpg img_0457.jpg img_0460.jpg img_0462.jpg


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