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Where’s all the American Wine I Love? August 29, 2007

Filed under: Wine — emccan2 @ 12:21 pm

I’ve traveled 7.5 hours across the US and Atlantic Ocean to discover that most of my favorite California wines are non-existent in this Guinness-drinking town.  I was shocked when I ventured into a local wine store and found something other than EJ Gallo or Beringer in the “America” section. 

What is the cause for the limited saturation of high quality US wine producers in foreign countries?   Hasn’t the US made more progress since the famous tasting of 1975 where several US wines made higher marks than many French wines?  EJ Gallo and Beringer make many suitable table wines, but the Irish are being cheated of several gems from California that haven’t had the opportunity to make their way across the Atlantic and onto Irish shelves. 

 This dilemma has created a new quest for me – search, find, and introduce others to those high-quality US wines worth bragging about.  Hopefully, between my MBA studies and extracurricular activities, I am fruitful in my pursuit of bottle shops that recognize the value of great American wines and keep their shelves stocked with at least a few of them.


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