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A Real Team Building Experience September 13, 2007

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Later last week, our class of 40 MBA students went on a trip to the Avondale House, to participate in a day of team building exercises.  smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-030.jpgWe were not provided with any information for what the day would entail, so we were a bit nervous about what we were getting ourselves into. 

Obstacles such as lowering a pole with 8 peoples’ index fingers touching the pole and constructing a mechanism to launch 4 corks into the air were the types of projects we struggled through.  After a day of team building and bonding, our MBA class of 40 got a lot closer and built a great camaraderie that we will continue to build on throughout the year.

smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-074.jpg smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-003.jpg smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-077.jpg  smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-081.jpg  smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-050.jpg  smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-041.jpg smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-046.jpg smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-074.jpg

At the conclusion of the day we also got our team assignments for Term 1.  My team includes Robin (German), Enda (Irish) and Aaron (Irish). 

smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-033.jpg smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-038.jpg smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-014.jpg smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-050.jpg smurfit-school-4th-sept-2007-012.jpg


One Response to “A Real Team Building Experience”

  1. Bob Says:

    Ok, I get it now. The blog was really a way for you to make all your friends and relative jealous. It’s working. 🙂

    Are you getting shipments of your favorite wines? Is that legal? I can pack a few bottles when I come visit, just let me know which ones. I can’t wait to see you in Ireland. It’s really cool the way they give out MBAs for playing games.

    Have fun and hope to see you soon.

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