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A Diversion From Schoolwork – What’s Causing the Paper Towel Shortage in the Loos? September 25, 2007

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In the month that I have been living in Ireland, I have only come across one bathroom (aka “toilet”) that had proper paper towels instead of a hand dryer. No surprise, this one venue happened to be one of the nicest restaurants in Ireland, which my good friends and mentor, Gregg, brought me to when he was visiting last month.

The conclusion: only if you happen to make it to a superb restaurant or 5-star hotel, will you be blessed with the luxury of being able to dry your hands with a simple piece of sturdy paper. Otherwise, you can plan on waving your hands violently under the hand dryer, and after 3 minutes when your hands are still not dry, wipe the excess water onto your pants – in a place where you hope no one will notice a little dampness. I do applaud the efforts of the Irish to reduce waste, but come on – can’t I find some mid-tier restaurant or lounge in the south part of Dublin with something other than an air dryer?

What sparked my interest to blog on this topic is the unique-style hand dryer I found at the chic Dundrum Town Shopping Centre. I’m so impressed with this new hand dryer model, that I’ve looked up the model type and provided you with their website and inserted a picture of the Dyson Airblade to support this invention. It’s pretty clear from the picture for how this nifty contraption works, so I won’t bore you any more wit my rants about my non-environmentally friendly perspective.


In closing, for those disgruntled customers who drink excessive amounts of water and who are therefore constantly visiting the loo, the benefit of pleasing the customer by offering paper towels far outweighs the economic values of installing hand dryers. However, with widespread adoption of the Dyson Airblade, I may give up my argument and get one step closer to being an environmentally-friendly consumer. In the meantime, I’ll focus on improving my recycling habits.


2 Responses to “A Diversion From Schoolwork – What’s Causing the Paper Towel Shortage in the Loos?”

  1. Dad Says:

    Good article on the hand dryer. I’ve never seen one like that. Glad you’re feeling better.



  2. Bob Says:

    I agree. I prefer the paper but experienced the dyson airblade while at a restaurant on Pacific Beach at Ocean Blvd. and Crystal Pier in San Diego. Finally, someone invented a decent hand air dryer.

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