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The purpose of a good network is the source for many things, such as career management, a resource for information and valuable friendships.  Here are some examples of what my networks have done for me:

  • Prior work experiences: 
    • Taught me to not be too eager for the next opportunity because the current one may be better than you realize. (previous boss, Hallmark Cards)
  • Alumni.      
    • Connected me to C-level executives; provided sound career advice; entertained me with business semantics; became a true and trusted lifelong friend. (Gregg – you’re one of a kind!)
  • Personal:
    • Showed me how to live with a “glass is half full” mentality and to embrace spontaneity (my guardian angel)
    • Advised me not take on too much and to focus on the real joys in life (ex-boyfriend)
    • Taught me how to be a better listener (dear Chicagoan friend)
    • Helped me stay mentally focused in a competitive environment (tennis coach)
    • Showed me that giving provides more personal satisfaction than taking (parents)

It’s hard to reflect on all the wonderful people in my network without being saddened by the physical distance I am from all of them.  This particular transition has been hard.  I’m following an uncertain path, trying to determine what the next move will be, without an idea where I will find the answer.  Is there a future for me in Ireland, somewhere else in Europe, in Australia or in the US?  Will I go into the wine business, stay in healthcare, pursue pension consulting, focus more on finance or go into sales? 

The answer is and continues to be…I don’t know.  But that is where I value you, my network, because I can trust you to help me with this question. I gratefully welcome your sugygestions, contacts and antidotes on this subject because I know it will spark a new interest I haven’t explored 

You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can’t forget. Those are your friends.



  1. Karen Says:


    I, too, did my MBA in a ‘foreign’ country. My husband was assigned to Oslo and I studied at the Norwegian School of Business. I wish you lots of fun and learning. I treasure the friends I made there and the BROAD understanding I garnered from class mates coming from 28 different countries.

    I caught your blog with a google alert on “powerhouse” -the name of my business. My title – “Primary Generator”

    Next week I’m leading a women’s business group on a discussion of change – I’m an expert at that and I have also discovered the power of networks. I’m borrowing a couple of your phrases and where I found them for part of my discussion. We’re decades apart in age, but I share your philosophy. My motto: “Life’s an all you can eat buffet. Just beware of the fuzzy fish.”

    Get some sleep!! You’ll need it by week 12.

  2. Dad Says:

    Elizabeth, Great article. We always felt like you always gave 100 percent in everything you do and to everyone you know. I’m very proud of you.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Elizabeth – What a great post!
    I’m so glad to hear that your feeling better & that school is going well. I’ll is well here…
    We miss you tons back here in the states – keep posting those pictures so we can live vicariously through you!

  4. Jaime Vargas Says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I talked to your mother and she gave me your blog. What a great idea !! You seem to be doing great and working hard as always.

    I’m also very honored that you mentioned me in this blog. Thank you !!

    I still think about you and I hope that some how you get a chance to play tennis in Ireland.

    Have a great time and have fun and we’ll keep in touch.


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