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Holiday in Ischia November 4, 2007

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I’m back from a wonderful and much needed holiday to Italy.  I apologize in advance for being somewhat absent this week, for I was in a state of great relaxation and out of touch with the real world.  That’s what vacation is supposed to be like, right?  Katharine and I had a lovely time on the island of Ischia and also were able to enjoy an incredible day on the island of Capri.  


Here’s a run-down of the trip:

img_0789.jpgDay 1 – A taste of Rome.  We arrived late in Rome with just enough time to get settled in our hotel by the train station and grab our first Italian meal.  The problem with that is that we weren’t really in the mood for pasta, so we settled on an omelet and chicken.  Though this wasn’t ‘true Italian’, it was excellent and provided us with some protein after snacking on trains, planes and automobiles all day. 


img_0790.jpgDay 2 – Ischia.  After traveling via train and ferry (with a frightening stop in Naples), we finally made it to Ischia, where we stayed for the next 3 nights.  The day couldn’t have been better with blue skies and lots of sunshine.  Our hotel (Poggio Del Sol was quite a hike up the mountain, and our legs and glutes were feeling it by the end of the trip, but the view was well worth all the trips up and down the mountain.  The hotel staff were wonderful and at 60 euro a night, it was a great deal.

img_0792.jpg    img_0791.jpg

Once we got settled, we set off to explore the island.  We wore ourselves out from all the walking and were disappointed to find that most of the restaurants don’t open until 7pm or 8pm.  Fortunately, we found a place that opened at 6:45pm and arrived with hunger-stricken faces.  I finally got a real Italian meal – linguine with muscles in a light tomato and wine sauce.  It was delicious.

img_0794.jpg  img_0796.jpg   img_0801.jpg img_0798.jpg 

img_0804.jpgDay 3 – Thermal Bath at ‘Tropical’ in Sant’ Angelo (  I know Katharine is killing me right now for posting this picture, but I think it’s hilarious that they made us wear shower caps in the thermal baths.  The thermal bath we settled on is called Tropical, and despite the fact that the day was all but tropical, we made the most of the experience.  Fortunately, most of the baths were really warm, so we didn’t mind a little drizzle.  The spa sat up high of the cliff in Sant’ Angelo, on the south side of the island and the views were magnificent.  Our favorite part of the trip was going from the 20 degree pool to the 40 degree pool (Celsius).  The shock of the cold to hot was exhilarating, and I needed much convincing from Katharine before shocking my body into those extremes. 

img_0806.jpg  img_0808.jpg  img_0811.jpg

We managed to clean ourselves up and get in a nap before having a fantastic dinner at our hotel’s restaurant.  The mom and dad who own the place are the cooks and made the incredible dishes.  Katharine had gnocchi with fresh basil and pesto from their garden and I had a whole piece of sea bass.  We were in heaven and in complete relaxation….the wine probably helped as well.  1/2 carafe’s of vino at 4 euro is one deal we didn’t pass up.


 img_0817.jpgDay 4 – Capri.  The translation of Capri is the plural version for goat (I previously thought it was boar, but thanks to Mary K, I have incorporated the correct meaning) but it should be ‘unforgettable’.  The weather couldn’t have been better for our day trip to Capri – the island of money, spectacular views and shopping.  The narrow streets were lined with Gucci, Prada and all the top designer labels.  Our student budgets kept us from venturing into these places, but we did spoil ourselves on manicures.  Just seeing the breathtaking views made the 1.5 hour trip worthwhile.  I’d highly recommend putting Capri on your list of must-see vacation spots.


img_0820.jpg     img_0823.jpg  img_0824.jpg  img_0827.jpg  img_0828.jpg

Now, vacation time is over and it’s back to my studies.  Term 2 starts tomorrow and I already have loads of reading to catch up on.  However, I think I’ll be going into this term a lot more relaxed thanks to a wonderful holiday with Katharine on the islands of Ischia and Capri. 



4 Responses to “Holiday in Ischia”

  1. Mom Says:

    The pictures are great. I can see why it would be so relaxing. Glad you had a fun trip. You make me want to go right now.

    Love ya!!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Wow – what an incredible trip! It looks like you two had a great time & got some much needed R&R. You were actually pretty close to the island my grandfather was born on – Ponza. Hope the beginning of this next term is treating you well – talk to you soon!

  3. Mary K Says:

    Hi there, I was searching for some weather info for Ischia in November and found your account of your trip. This was helpful to me (although I’ve made 30 + trips to Italy and do speak Italian as well, I’ve not been to Ischia and have not been anywhere in the south during the actual month of November). Just a couple of tips for you: Your meal was “linguine with mussels”, not muscles (those were the things that were sore from climbing!). And Capri does not mean “boar”. A “capro” in Italian is a goat. More than one goat is “capri”. The island may have been named for Kapro (wild boar in Greek) because it was thought to have been settled originally by Greeks. But it is not really known. Surely it is an island suited for mountain goats! Also, you suggested the Island should be called “unforgettable”–true, but that word needs two “t’s”! Good luck with school and happy traveling. You got off to a wonderful start in Italy! Just some comments from an old and former English teacher. Buona Fortuna! Mary

  4. emccan2 Says:

    Mary K,

    You are so lucky to have spent so much time in Italy. As I noted, it can get pretty chilly at night in November in Ischia and Capri, so don’t forget to bundle up. Thanks for your feedback on my grammatical mistake and for providing the real meaning of capri. I’ve edited my blog to incorporate these mistakes.

    Best Regards,


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