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Putting on my Marathon Training Shoes November 11, 2007

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I’ve decided to do another marathon, but which one is still in question.  The timing for the next 26.2 needs to be around April or May since I’ll be out of the country most of March with trips to China, Australia and New Zealand.  I’ve heard the Stockholm marathon is a great one to do and it’s at the end of May, so right now that’s where I’m leaning.  November is too early to do any serious training, but I thought I should remind my legs that they can run double digit miles.  I’m hoping that by doing some long runs over the winter, I’ll be in better shape when I really need focus on my training.  I also hope to do some local races around Ireland if I can ever find out when and where they are. 

In the spirit of getting back into training, I set out to complete between 8 and 10 miles today.  I ended up doing 7.5, then stretched and lifted at the UCD gym, and finished off my workout with another 3 miles running home.  I’ve mapped my run through the website and have included the route below  (  My favorite part of this run is a dual loop around Deer Park, where you can see the skyline of Dublin and the sea.  Despite the 50 degree temps, gusty winds and lack of sunshine, there were many families and kids in the park playing all kinds of sports.  Though my legs are killing me for completing this vigorous run after taking so much time off distance training, I was positively glowing after having completed the task.  I love the Runner’s High rush I get each time a complete a great run and will try to explore more of Dublin with my long weekend runs.   

mapmyrun routemapmyrun routeMapmyrun siteMapmyrun siterunning-route-1.jpg


2 Responses to “Putting on my Marathon Training Shoes”

  1. Michael M Says:

    Hey, I’m thinking of an International Marathon in April or May as well. Not sure about Stockholm though as my friends who ran it a few years ago report that it is rather hilly.

  2. Jon Says:

    Stockholm is a great race. you finish in the Olympic stadium and they announce your name as you run the fianl lap.

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