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Thanksgiving Wine Selection November 18, 2007

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My flatmates and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our classmates and in a dutiful attempt to get out of any cooking responsibilities, I have volunteered to choose the wine.  Anticipated attendance is growing every day and guest-count as of today is around 30 people.  If I weren’t such a Type A person, I would make a run to the wine shop and pick up a few cases of wine, hoping that would be enough to cover all the guests.  However, in order to incorporate everyone’s preferences, have enough wine to last the evening, and choose wine to pleasantly compliment the meal, I must answer the following three questions:

1.  How many bottles should I purchase?

2.  What should be the split for white, red, and rose?

3.  Which specific wines should I purchase for the white, red and rose selections?

Simple enough?  Not for an aspiring wine connoisseur such as myself.  I will probably put way too much thought into how this task will be carried out and will end up with either too much or too little wine.  For my sake of future wine drinking, I hope it’s too much. 

A wine that will definitely be on my purchasing list is Beaujolais Nouveau.  I enjoy this easy drinking wine and feel it will compliment the turkey meal quite well.  Another varietal I plan to purchase is Pinot Noir.  Since there isn’t an abundance of great Pinots from the US or New Zealand, I may take my chances on an unfamiliar Burgundy.  As for the white selection, I haven’t a clue at the moment.  That will definitely require some research.  If you have any suggestions, that I could easily obtain from an Ireland wine merchant, please let me know.

As some of you know, Thanksgiving is a very difficult holiday, given what happened last year.  Rather than turn my cheek to this well-celebrated event, I’m trying to stay positive and enjoy the company of those around me, who are looking after my best interests.  Don’t forget all you are thankful for this coming Thursday, and to my American friends and family, have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. 


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Wine Selection”

  1. Mom Says:

    Thank you! And you also enjoy the day with all you new friends and family that are coming to visit.
    Mom and Dad

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Hey there….few thoughts on the wine selections…I’ve never gone wrong with a Sauvignon Blanc or a Riesling…they seem to be more palatable to everyone. (Some people are really opposed to the buttery/oaky flavor of Chardonnay….or maybe I’m just speaking for myself…) :o)
    German Rieslings should be a bit dryer than the French ones…

    Your party sounds like so much fun. I’m so glad to know that you’ll be in great company through this time of year….I’m sure you have mixed emotions about this holiday now…

    Just know that Kevin & I are sending all the positive thoughts we can your way. You’re so strong – probably one of the strongest people I know. I find your courage so inspiring. Never let anyone or anything take that courage away from you.

    Lots of USA love,

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