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Rioja with hints of menthol and tobacco November 28, 2007

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Tonight, as I was taking a break from analyzing the case study, Ciba-Geigy and the Newport Investment Proposal, I decided to open one of the more than 20 bottles of wine from the Thanksgiving party.  It was interesting to see the mix of wines left over from the party.  There was an equal mix of reds and whites as well as grape varietals.  I can’t say there was much variation on the retail price of the wines, for most of them are in the 10-15 euro range.  There is nothing wrong with that – and I wouldn’t expect a guest to be bringing over a pricy bottle of wine – at least not until I can afford to host swanky cocktail parties.  campo-viejo.jpg

So, I decided to look through the stash and open a red wine.  The winner was a 2004 Campo Viejo Crianza Rioja that retails for about 9 euros.  I have to use the term “winner” loosly, because I was not a big fan of this wine.  I have enjoyed several Rioja’s, but this one fell flat for me.  It was dry, lacked structure, and as one reviewer from put it, it had light cranberry and menthol on the nose and a hint of tobacco on the pallet.  Not the descriptions of a wine I’d pay money for.  I do want to thank the kind classmate who brought this wine over, but hate to say that I will probably not be going for seconds on this one. 


One Response to “Rioja with hints of menthol and tobacco”

  1. Thanks for the honest opinion and I hope your classmate isn’t reading this, 🙂

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