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Enomatic Wine Machine January 8, 2008

Filed under: Wine — emccan2 @ 6:51 am

This is one invention that is perfect for a wine lover like me.  It’s an Italian invention, called the Enomatic, and is a wine tasting and serving self-service machine.  The bottles you want to serve are placed in the machine, you load money onto a card, stick the card into the machine, choose a wine to taste,you are debited the amount of the tasting, and wallah the wine is automatically poured into your glass.  I am crazy about this invention and can’t wait to visit the location in Dublin where I can make full use of this gadget. 

enomaticnyc2.jpg enomatic.jpg

Check out the company’s website for more details about how this machine works.  Also, Dr. Vino has an interesting write up on this machine on his blog. (


4 Responses to “Enomatic Wine Machine”

  1. Bob Says:

    A restaurant near us just purchased one of these contraptions. I resisted the temptation to buy a card and sample the wine. A few weeks later, I was talking with my neighbor who did give it a test run. He said it was the most expensive wine he ever purchased in his life. His $40 prepaid card was used after “tasting” a couple of wines.

    I’m finishing up some work tonight with a little help from a Cosentino Winery Merlot Reserve (2001). I have no idea where it came from but to whoever left it at my house – thank you.

  2. Lar Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    forgive the multi-commenting – just discovered your blog- enowine in the IFSC and Monkstown have the enomatic systems in place with over 30 wines available for tasting.

    The thing I love about it is being able to compare and contrast different wines at the one time rather than relying on memory.


  3. Will Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    They also use these machines in the new O’Briens store in the Beacon in Sandyford. They have 4 of these machines set up giving about 40 wines for tasting at any given time. There are some interesting wines there but they don’t seem to change the wines around as much as I would like. It’s a fun way to taste some new wines though.
    I think the best utilization of these machines has to be The Sampler in London though ( who have 10 or so of these machines offering some really top class wines for tasting.


  4. emccan2 Says:

    Thanks Will – I love how The Sampler keeps current the wines available for tasting on their website. More stores with these machines should be following the same practice. I look forward to visiting the shop in Sandford.

    Cheers, Elizabeth

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