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Touch or Contact Rugby – Experiences at LBS Rugby Tournment February 20, 2008

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With only 3 practices and an incredible amount of enthusiasm, the ladies Smurfit MBA Rugby team set out for London to participate in a competitive tournament of Touch Rugby with 6 other schools.   London Business School (LBS) hosted the event and other participating teams included Wharton, Columbia, Harvard, INSEAD, and IESE.  Unfortunately, our men’s team couldn’t make the event, but they plan to join the ladies when we head to Duke in April for the World MBA Rugby Tournament.   

Let me take a step back and explain how this rugby group got started.  For my friends and family in the States who are unfamiliar with Rugby, it is THE sport in Ireland and in Western Europe.  Smurfit’s MBA classes have been participating in Rugby tournaments over the past decade, including the LBS tournament in the winter and Duke’s tournament in the spring.  This year’s MBA class had just enough women to make up a team, so with much enthusiasm and some hesitation, we decided to form a team and compete this year.  My classmate Melissa’s fiance, Phillip, has been gracious enough to coach our team and is doing an excellent job.  We can’t wait to tell him about how well we did when we meet for practice again.

For just throwing together a team, we did pretty well.  We lost two matches and then won our next two, earning us a fifth place finish.  But more, we came out of the tournament with the will to improve and come out on top when we compete at Duke. 

The painful outcomes for me from the games include:  A Black Eye and the loss of my Two Big Toenails (which I had to perform surgery on when I got back to Dublin – ouch!) 

 In addition to the fun on the field, we had a great time out getting to know each other better and socializing with the other schools.  London is an amazing city, and LBS organized some great events to show us around the town.  Here are some pics from our evenings out.  I can’t wait for the next competition mid-April.  Those girls won’t even recognize us when we get there!

 img_1036.jpg   img_1044.jpg img_1035.jpg  img_1034.jpg



5 Responses to “Touch or Contact Rugby – Experiences at LBS Rugby Tournment”

  1. Mom Says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    With only three practices your team won 2 matches!! That’s great. About the blackeye and toenails, I’m saying ouch too. Congradulations on your first matches.

  2. Marge Says:

    Great post. What a fun experience for you (aside from the black eye and toenail damage). Good luck in your next match.

  3. Cathi (the sane sister) Says:

    Have you lost your mind? Has all that Irish Beer gone to your brain? What are you thinking? Do you have health insurance?
    Well, all I can say is “be careful in the Maul and hope you get a drop kick”. 🙂
    Love, Cathi

  4. Cesare Says:

    Next time come to try italian contact beach rugby. 5-at-side and with the rule of the 2 seconds. 13-14 June for ladies as well. Have a look at

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