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Unconventional Signage April 6, 2008

Filed under: Personal — emccan2 @ 8:03 am

I digress from the typical blog topics to share some unconventional signage in the bathrooms around Queenstown.  The first is the sign for the ladies room at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump site.  Don’t worry, I just went to watch the bungy jumpers.  Heaven forbid I get up the nerve to do such a thing.  But skydiving, as you can see from my other post from today, was a different story.




The next signs are from the men’s room at the Sofitel Hotel.  I didn’t just happen upon these pictures on my own.  My travel companion cleared the way for me to sneak in a few pics while the stalls were not being used.  To plaster these women on the walls of the bathroom in the Sofitel is quite brash for this upscale hotel chain, and I give them accolades for doing something different. 


 Now, to wrap in a little something about wine for this post.  I dined at the Bezu, which is just behind the Sofitel on Beacon street and had the most lovely Sauvignon Blanc of the trip: Vavasour ‘Redwood Pass’.  As you might have seen from my earlier post, this was my #1 rated Sauvignon Blanc of the trip. 


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