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Duke Rugby World Cup Tournament April 21, 2008

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Every April, Duke University’s MBA class (Fuqua) hosts an annual Rugby Tournament that brings schools to Durham, NC from all over the world.  The women play touch rugby (non-contact or somewhat like flag-football for my American friends) and the men play full contact rugby with shortened halfs.  Beyond that, I don’t know much more of the rules or terminology. 

In November, when our MBA class began organizing our teams for the tournament, things were looking a little uncertain, especially for the men’s team.  The reason was that many of my male classmates had never played rugby before but still wanted to play.  The efforts in organizing the practices, finalizing the teams, getting sponsorship, and arranging the logistics for travel were a bit of a nightmare.  Though thanks to a lot of hard work and effort, especially at the end, we managed to send 46 Rugby players overseas for one weekend of a lot of fun and competition.


As for the women, we fared well for being out of the country for the whole month of March, but didn’t come away with a trophy.  ON THE OTHER HAND, the men stole the show!  With a team of mostly injured players and the will to win, the Smurfit Men defeated London Business School in the finals to claim the 5th straight victory at the Rugby World Cup. 




Personally, I wasn’t sure if everyone was actually going to get up in the morning and be well enough to play the tournament because of some late evenings out.  Despite my misgivings, the Irish showed their true blood and kept trucking on and pushed through some tough games while suffering from the deadliest hangovers.   






2 Responses to “Duke Rugby World Cup Tournament”

  1. Mom Says:

    It was great being at the rugby tornament. We were so happy the guys won. And we thought the girls played great, even if they didn’t get a trophy. What a way to celebrate your birthday!
    So glad dad and I could be there for you and all the players. They were all so nice. And we really liked the pictures.


  2. Roger Says:

    Well done to all – particularly the guys. I hadn’t heard they won.

    Nice blog- I didn’t know that any of the MBA class were bloggers. I run (I’ve added you to the site), and am also a “classmate” – on the EMBA – was in China too.

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