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Life experiences and interests from abroad

About August 22, 2007


The Basics:  Elizabeth M.,  Born on April 13, 19xx; Previously located in Kansas City and Chicago; Education: BSBA in Finance

Current Location: Living in Ireland, pursuing my MBA at the University College of Dublin Smurfit School of Business; 

Hobbies:  Avid runner; Oenophile (aka wine aficionado); Reading Chick Lit and Business Books; Traveling

Family:  Youngest of 5; Daughter to the most wonderful parents; Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, etc to an extremely supportive extended family

Friends:  The Best…period.  I love you guys!

Love interests:  Wouldn’t you like to know?

Career:  Hoping my MBA program will help lead me to discover my next career passion


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Peter Gower Says:

    Hey Elizabeth,

    If you love running and wine, check out my website at

    Peter Gower

    P.S. My very first marathon was in Dublin, Ireland

  2. Michael Messinger Says:

    Happy New Year Elizabeth,

    Just wanted to let you know that I plan to run the Prague Marathon on May 11th. If you are able you should jet over to run a few miles of it with me.


  3. emccan2 Says:

    Hey Michael,

    That’s great that you’ll be running the Prague Marathon. I will definitely try to make it over there to run a few miles with you!



    HEY, Elizabeth!
    Dennis and I just returned from cycling New Zealand for 3 wks–this time we started at Queenstown and went down around the southern tip and up to Christ Church–were in Dunedin, Invercargill, etc…
    LOVE your blog! Happy Adventuring!
    Judy Knudson

  5. robert Says:

    nice to discover your site (through the OWC). just added you to my extensive list of Irish wine blogs (all 5 of them!)

    good luck and cheers


  6. Ulten Ryan Says:

    Nice blog … enjoy it …. have been following your Smurfit postings .

    I will start Smurfit next month..and although, excited… I’m a little worried … especially with the accounting/finance …

    Any advice – what are the pitfalls on the course – any pre-reading that I should do …

    Any comments would be fantastic …

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