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Looking Back – Coast to Coast June 15, 2008

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That’s it – it is all over.  I have successfully completed my MBA from the Smurfit Graduate School of Business in Dublin, Ireland.  The one-year full time program has flown by and for many of my classmates and me, the future is still uncertain. 

Starting out, things were a little rough and they continued to get worse throughout the year. Here is the top 10 list of my injuries and ailments: 

  1. Getting a black eye (playing rugby)
  2. Losing my big toenails (rugby again)
  3. Throwing out my back (running),
  4. Twisting my ankle (rugby),
  5. Re-injuring my back (running again), 
  6. Getting hit by a car (riding my bike),
  7. Falling off my bike (multiple times),
  8. Catching some serious viruses (exposure to new Irish bugs),
  9. Suffering from migraines (stress from school),
  10. Being attacked by some serious allergies (again, those darn things floating around the Irish countryside)

The good news is that over the past month, as the end was in sight, I have been injury free and just putting up with the seasonal allergies.  I am scheduled to run a half marathon in Napa Valley, California in July ’08 and didn’t think I’d be able to race.  But, I have managed to start doing some 10 mile runs and have felt great.  I completed my last run in Dublin yesterday with a 10 miler along the Dublin Bay.  I started in Blackrock, ran along the coast in Sandymount Strand and went around the coast of Dublin Bay to the fartherest point that looks back on the other side of the bay.  Here are some shots from each side of the bay. 




It was an incredible feeling to run all the way around the cove and look back at the other side of the harbour where I’d come from.  I stopped my run to take in the beauty of the harbour and to appreciate the amazing year I have enjoyed.  I wasn’t just looking back at the other side of the bay, I was also reflecting back on all the great memories and people I have met over the past year. 

My early memories began with the crazy housing hunt, first class outing to Glendalough, and incredibly difficult and demanding first term.  As the term progressed, our class got closer and helped each other get through the difficult subjects and required work.  We also socialized more and frequented the bars in Blackrock village. 

Soon, I will be moving back to the States and getting back into the working world.  I am both sad to be leaving but also very excited to start the next chapter in my life.  Graduation isn’t until next March, so I am glad to have that scheduled to see everyone again. 

Now that the end is here, it concludes my year of blogging.  I want to thank those of you who have followed my blog for the past year, posted comments, and for those who have stumbled on posts here and there.  The future for me is uncertain, but I plan to pursue my passion for wine in a sales-oriented position. 

Here is where this blog ends, but I have a feeling a new one might begin.  Until then, all my best!



5 Responses to “Looking Back – Coast to Coast”

  1. Marge Says:

    Way to go, Elizabeth. Everyone is so proud of you. What a great year you’ve had. Best thing is, there are many more great years ahead of you.

  2. Cathi Says:

    To say that I am proud of you is an understatement. All that you do and all that you accomplish is what life is truly supposed to be about…following your dreams.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog so very much…it took a little of the sting away in missing you!
    I can’t wait to see you soon!
    Lot’s of love, Sis

  3. Mom Says:

    Dad and I can’t believe a year is gone already. Congratulations on completing your masters degree. We are really PROUD of you and all your accomplishment’s.
    I can’t believe there will be no more blogs. Your dad and I have enjoyed them so much. It was like we shared everything with you this past year.

    Love you,
    Mom and Dad

  4. Darren Says:

    I have only occassionally stumbled on your blog, but I have always been amazed by the amazing experiences you talk about and the awesome pictures on your blog. Congratulations on your past year of many life experiences. We’ll have to get together next time you are in Columbia and catch up.


  5. WhichBurner Says:

    Very impressed, I wish you success with anything you try, but to be honest you’ll achieve what ever YOU want. Great stuff, thank you for sharing.

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